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CHEAP BOHOL PACKAGE TOUR for as low as Php2500 per person (quad sharing per room for 10 persons) at Alona Groove Resort

You can also choose from any of the resorts we offer. Updated rates are posted below.


  • Aircon transfer from airport/pier to hotel/resort and vice versa
  • Aircon car/ van for Bohol Countryside Tour 8 hours: Day 1
  • Hotel/Resort accommodation 3D/2N
  • All entrance fees
  • Buffet lunch at Loboc River Cruise during Bohol Countryside tour
  • Driver and Tour Guide at the same time
  • Motorized banca for Island Hopping


  • Blood Compact Shrine
  • Baclayon Church
  • Tarsier
  • Loboc Floating Restaurant
  • Hanging Bridge
  • Man-made Forest
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Chocolate Hills
  • Aproniana Souvenir Shop


  • Dolphin Watching
  • Snorkeling at Balicasag Island (Snorkel mask and snorkel guide included)


Package Tour 3 days 2 nights accommodation at Whites and Green Resort

No. of PersonsRate Per Person
2P 5,465 per person
3P 4,322 per person
4P 4,290 per person
5P 4,010 per person
6P 4,041 per person
7P 3,749 per person
8P 3,803 per person
9P 3,602 per person
10P 3,660 per person
4 persons using 1 roomP 3,470 per person (Quad sharing)
6 persons using 2 roomsP 3,674 per person (Triple sharing)
8 persons using 2 roomsP 2,833 per person (Quad sharing)
8 persons using 3 roomsP 3,503 per person (Triple and double sharing)
9 persons using 3 roomsP 3,357 per person (Triple sharing)
10 persons using 4 roomsP 3,440 per person (Triple and double sharing)

Package tour 3 Days 2 Nights Accommodation at Alona Groove Resort (Only 35 meters away to Alona beach or 1 to 2 minutes walk to Alona Beach)

No. of PersonsRate Per Person
2P 4,990 per person
3P 3,822 per person
4P 3,790 per person
5P 3,510 per person
6P 3,541 per person
7P 3,249 per person
8P 3,303 per person
9P 3,100 per person
10P 3,160 per person
4 persons using 1 roomP 3,240 per person (Quad sharing)
5 persons using 1 family roomP 3,190 per person (Family room)
6 persons using 1 family roomP 2,941 per person (1 family room plus extra bed)
6 persons using 2 roomsP 3,174 per person (Triple sharing)
7 persons using 2 roomsP 2,935 per person (Quad and triple sharing)
8 persons using 2 roomsP 2,753 per person (Quad sharing)
9 persons using 3 roomsP 2,858 per person (Triple sharing)
10 persons using 3 roomsP 2,720 per person (Quad and triple sharing)
7 persons using 1 family room + 3 extra bedsP 2,685 per person

Package tour with accommodation at Reyna’s Haven

No. of personsOvernight with Bohol Countryside Tour3D/2N with Day Tour and Island Hopping3D/2N with Bohol Countryside Tour Only
2 persons using 1 roomP 2,520/paxP 4,720/paxP 3,020/pax
3 persons using 1 roomP 2,037/paxP 3,704/paxP 2,470/pax
4 persons using family roomP 1,770/paxP 3,145/paxP 2,145/pax
5 persons using barkadahan roomP 1,770/paxP 3,060/paxP 2,120/pax
6 persons using barkadahan roomP 1,645/paxP 2,854/paxP 1,785/pax
7 persons using barkadahan roomP 1,573/paxP 2,706/paxP 1,949/pax
8 persons using barkadahan roomP 1,520/paxP 2,595/paxP 1,895/pax
9 persons using barkadahan roomP 1,479/paxP 2,509/paxP 1,854/pax
10 persons using barkadahan roomP 1,445/paxP 2,440/paxP 1,820/pax
11 persons using barkadahan roomP 1,418/paxP 2,429/paxP 1,793/pax
12 persons using barkadahan roomP 1,395/paxP 2,379/paxP 1,770/pax
13 persons using barkadahan roomP 1,377/paxP 2,335/paxP 1,752/pax
14 persons using barkadahan roomP 1,360/paxP 2,298/paxP 1,735/pax

Package tour with accommodation at Lost Horizon Resort

No. of Persons3D/2N with Countryside Tour and Dolphin Watching/Snorkelling2D/1N with Countryside Tour only
2P 6,245/paxP 3,548/pax
3P 4,815/paxP 2,733/pax
4P 3,848/paxP 2,199/pax
5P 3,488/paxP 2,039/pax
6P 3,232/paxP 1,883/pax
7 (2 rooms)P 3,662/paxP 2,043/pax
8 (2 rooms)P 3,448/paxP 1,924/pax
9 (2 rooms)P 3,170/paxP 1,777/pax
10 (2 rooms)P 2,848/paxP 1,669/pax
11 (2 rooms)P 2,921/paxP 1,618/pax
12 (2 rooms)P 2,840/paxP 1,575/pax
13 (3 rooms)P 3,064/paxP 1,684/pax
14 (3 rooms)P 2,984/paxP 1,642/pax
15 (3 rooms)P 2,915/paxP 1,606/pax

We also accept quotation to any hotel and resort in Panglao.


For inquiries and reservation for package tour with 3D/2N accommodation please contact Leo Merwin at 09300149440 (Smart) or 09267404743 (Globe). You can also send an e-mail to 1boholcheaptour@gmail.com or boholcheaptour@yahoo.com.

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